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Hi, I'm Claus! I am taking some time off from my life as an IT consultant in Norway to travel, work on exciting projects and build a business.


The big list of IT and tech conferences in 2016

Everybody loves a good tech conference. It's a chance to get away for a while, get some inspiration, hang out with some nice interesting people, catch up and get a bit tipsy!

Tech Conferences 2016

I've been looking at conferences that could be interesting to attend in 2016, and decided to make a list and share it. The list it not exhaustive, and very skewed towards things I find interesting. Expect to find things like: Cloud, DevOps, software craftsmanship, functional programming, .NET, architecture and design, continuous delivery and Big Data.

You'll find two lists here.

  • A list of conferences with set dates
  • A list of conferences that I expect to appear again in 2016, but which haven't got a date yet (some of