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Intro to Azure Elastic Databases and how to create them on-the-fly

I've spent a good deal of time away-from-keyboard lately, because it's summer :) Being offline for a while has given me some time to reflect about the path I want to go with my company and my on-call SaaS tool (more about that in some other, future, post). It's also given me a bit of time to reflect about some technical aspects of running a SaaS product, the choices I've made so far, and changes I want…

Getting access to Azure programmatically using the Azure SDK Management Libraries

This wasn't the blog post I wanted to write. I actually have a long draft of a blog post about the new Azure Elastic Databases that are currently in preview. All I needed before publishing it was an example of adding databases to an elastic database pool programmatically. That turned out to be a little more work than I had initially thought! So rather than making a mess of my elastic databases post I decided to…

Suave.IO introduction and example - Part 5: Deploying to Azure

Part 1 - Intro Part 2 - Setting up a project Part 3 - Requests and routing Part 4 - Database access Part 5 - Deploying to Azure - Here we are, the last post of the series. We now have a working Suave.IO application running on our local machine. The last thing we need to do is getting it to production. We want to run our application in Azure. Thankfully we are not the…

Custom connectors, taking Azure Logic and API apps for a spin - Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about Azure Logic apps, a sort of "BizTalk light in the cloud" promising easy integration using a visual drag and drop "connectors"-based approach. You can take a look at the first part here.

So what happens now?

We left Logic Apps after having successfully used standard connectors to create a logic app that would do the following.

  1. Run every minute
  2. Search for the latest tweets containing a given string (the URL of this blog)
  3. Send the first result as a text message

This was achieved using the "Recurrence", "Twitter" and "Twilio" connectors respectively. The problem with the logic app was that it runs every minute, and always send a text message, even though

Yet more apps, taking Azure Logic and API apps for a spin - Part 1

It has been a couple of months since Microsoft announced the Logic and API apps as part of the Azure App Service suite. I've been wanting to take the new offerings for a spin to get an idea of whether this is something I can see myself using.

What are these apps?

Logic Apps allow you to create integration workflows by joining together a kind of API apps called "connectors". It provides a visual way of constructing integrations where one connector exposes some capability that after being triggered will be piped into other connectors. By chaining these triggers and connectors you can create potentially powerful integrations between applications.

If you want a bit more background before we continue I suggest

Azure DocumentDB and FSharp query style examples

Some of the core services at OnCall rely on Azure DocumentDb. While doing some refactoring on the services I started looking into different ways of accessing DocumentDb from an application written in F#. There are several approaches when working with DocumentDB, and while they differ mostly in appearance, I found at least one pitfall to avoid. Example code While working on this post I decided to wrap the code up as a small example of using…