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Hi, I'm Claus! I am taking some time off from my life as an IT consultant in Norway to travel, work on exciting projects and build a business.


Intro to Azure Elastic Databases and how to create them on-the-fly

I've spent a good deal of time away-from-keyboard lately, because it's summer :) Being offline for a while has given me some time to reflect about the path I want to go with my company and my on-call SaaS tool (more about that in some other, future, post). It's also given me a bit of time to reflect about some technical aspects of running a SaaS product, the choices I've made so far, and changes I want…

Getting access to Azure programmatically using the Azure SDK Management Libraries

This wasn't the blog post I wanted to write. I actually have a long draft of a blog post about the new Azure Elastic Databases that are currently in preview. All I needed before publishing it was an example of adding databases to an elastic database pool programmatically. That turned out to be a little more work than I had initially thought! So rather than making a mess of my elastic databases post I decided to…