AUTHOR: Claus Sørensen

Hi, I'm Claus! I am taking some time off from my life as an IT consultant in Norway to travel, work on exciting projects and build a business.


Azure Service Fabric introduction - Part 1: Getting it running

Part 1 - Getting it running Part 2 - WebAPI-based stateless service Part 3 - Stateful services Part 4 - Actors Part 5 - Running a cluster in the cloud (coming) Part 6 - Continuous delivery using TeamCity (coming) - I've been meaning to write about Azure Service Fabric for a while. In my opinion it is one of the most exciting things that has happened on Azure so far. It promises a radical new way…

Rewriting for the sake of rewriting

From time to time we developers like to engage in a bit of code cleaning. Well applied refactoring can do wonders for a code base, but we need to make sure we are doing refactoring for the right reasons, and in a way that is actually beneficial. "Duh. Of course!" you might think. But it's not hard to set out refactoring motivated by the wrong things entirely. I know I've done it. Anyway, I've been doing…

Functional queueing with RabbitMQ and F#

RabbitMQ is a great open source messaging broker with very good .NET support. In this blog post I will be looking at an example of how to use the RabbitMQ .NET client with F#, wrapping it to achieve a more functional approach to using RabbitMQ. In our example we will see how we can use RabbitMQ to queue strongly typed messages, and create a consumer that subscribes to the queue, receiving the messages as they arrive…

The big list of IT and tech conferences in 2016

Everybody loves a good tech conference. It's a chance to get away for a while, get some inspiration, hang out with some nice interesting people, catch up and get a bit tipsy!

Tech Conferences 2016

I've been looking at conferences that could be interesting to attend in 2016, and decided to make a list and share it. The list it not exhaustive, and very skewed towards things I find interesting. Expect to find things like: Cloud, DevOps, software craftsmanship, functional programming, .NET, architecture and design, continuous delivery and Big Data.

You'll find two lists here.

  • A list of conferences with set dates
  • A list of conferences that I expect to appear again in 2016, but which haven't got a date yet (some of

It's business time

When I started this blog it was my intention to write about two topics: Technology I've tried and found interesting, and my experience starting a company.

So far, there hasn't been much writing about the business side of things. I've been working on a product for a while, and some of the technology I've written about has been related to that. But I haven't written much about actually starting a business.

Well, there have been some changes recently. I've decided to give starting a business an actual go, and I've quit my job to do so.

There are going to be more business related posts in the future. Today I will opt for a smooth transition, something in between. I

Drawing with HTML5 Canvas and oCanvas

This is a bit of an unusual blog post for me, but I've been using oCanvas recently and thought it deserved a mention! If you don't know it, oCanvas is a library for HTML5 canvas drawing, intended to make it easier to draw by thinking in terms of objects, like shapes. It also offers you an easy way to do animation, which I wanted to use for creating a small header graphic over at Happyrelay. Drawing…