AppVeyor PublishProfile not found

I am in the middle of transitioning my Continuous Delivery setup for a project from a "TeamCity/Octopus Deploy"-combo to a hosted setup on AppVeyor.

While configuring deployment of a set of web applications to Azure using WebDeploy I ran into the following error:

The value for PublishProfile is set to 'appveyor', expected to find the file at 'C:\projects\myproject\Src\MyProject.Web.App\Properties\PublishProfiles\appveyor.pubxml' but it could not be found.

After scratching my head and Googling a bit, I found a couple of other people experiencing the same thing, but their problems were due to either.

  • The web project being written in VB, which causes an alternative folder structure for storing publish profiles. It looks like AppVeyor already fixed that one.

  • The project is a website project not a web application project.

But my project is a web application, and it's written in C#. So something else must be going on.

The project causing the problem used to be run as Cloud Service Web Role, but was recently converted to an Azure Web App. The cloud service project is still part of the solution, since there are other projects still being run as Cloud Services (I am gradually converting everything to Web Apps and WebJobs).

When I tried excluding the Cloud Service project the web application built and packaged without error! So in my case it was actually the old Cloud Service that was causing the problem, not the web app itself.

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